What Features Come Standard on Every Goalrilla?

Purchasing any type of basketball hoop is a big deicision. Whether you’re buying a portable, an in-ground, our brand, or another brand, you want to know you’re getting everything you need from start to finish.

When you purchase any Goalrilla basketball hoop, you can rest assured you’re receiving only the highest quality parts and materials. Other manufacturers place a huge emphasis on features we believe should come standard regardless of the model you purchase.


B2600_Goalrilla_Heavy Weight Flex Rim_1Breakaway Rim

Depending on the model, a medium or heavy-weight breakaway rim is always included with your purchase.


Goalrilla Guarantee

Every Goalrilla is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If you ever experience any problems with your Goalrilla, you can count on our customer service team to fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again. You’re covered from the first shot to anywhere you go after.


Height Adjustability and the Actuator

From 7.5’ to 10’, every Goalrilla can easily be adjusted with the included actuator. Children as young as 6 years old can adjust the easy-to-crank actuator so they can bring the goal down to a height that’s appropriate for them.


Anchor Kit

No need to purchase an anchor kit if you’re purchasing a brand new Goalrilla! Every Goalrilla comes with an anchor kit in the box, so you’re ready to get started as soon as it gets to your house.


Xylan-Coated Steel Bolts

What good is your hoop if it can’t be held together? That’s the problem you’ll run into years later with other no-name goals. Goalrilla provides only the most durable Xylan-coated steel bolts so your system remains structurally sound year after year, season after season.


Style_Meets_Strength_Powder_Coating3Rust Guard / Powder Coating

We won’t bore you with a chemistry lesson here, but our competitors use the same or a similar galvanization process to coat and protect their steel. Afterwards, a durable powder coat finish is heated and electrostatically applied, so every inch of your Goalrilla is covered to prevent rust.


Fully Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the premium pro-level option for a backboard material. Both the NBA and NCAA use tempered glass in regulation hoops for superior performance and durability.


Self-Leveling System

When you install your Goalrilla you may find that the concrete you’ve poured isn’t perfectly level. Goalrilla’s self-leveling nuts allow you to fine tune the system so your goal is perfectly level with the playing surface.

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