The Pitfalls of Portable Hoops: Solved!

Portable basketball hoops are notorious for offering inferior safety and quality (See our blog on the 4 Big Problems with Budget Brand Portable Basketball Goals).

To address the major design flaws found in most portable basketball goals, we designed the Goaliath GoTek and Silverback NXT portable goals to offer a superior experience with your portable basketball hoop. Our exclusive technologies ensure that your portable goal is safe, durable, and high-performing.



StabiliFrame Design

Unlike traditional portable goal designs, where the main pole of the goal connects to the plastic base, the GoTek and NXT pole connects directly to a steel frame that sits under the entire base. These steel-on-steel connections create a much stronger frame that won’t fail over time like the competition.


Newly Designed Base

Sitting on top of the Stabiliframe is a large blow molded base which holds over 200+ pounds of water. The unique shape of this base is designed accommodate easier filling and moving. Unlike the counter-balanced design found in most portable goals, our design allows the goal to stand upright, even when there’s no weight in the base. Other goals will tip over the second the weight is removed.



9.1 - Premium Portable No Tip Design

ErgoMove Wheel-Barrow Design

Unlike most portable goals that are cumbersome and difficult to move, the ErgoMove design of NXT and GoTek goals mimics the weight-distribution of a wheel-barrow, displacing the majority of the weight to the wheels, so you can easily execute a lift-and-roll motion.

It also features an anchor at the back of the base which prevents it from tipping backward while being moved.


Infinity Edge Backboard

Unlike traditional backboards that are framed by a plastic or metal edge, NXT and GoTek goals feature an Infinity Edge Backboard, a technique that folds the edges of the material backward, creating a stronger face for superior rebound. This design gives the backboard increased strength and rigidity – greatly reducing “dead” spots in the backboard that are common among portable hoops


Easy 90-Minute Assembly

Many portable hoops have complicated assemblies that can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete. However, NXT and GoTek goals only take 90 minutes to assemble with easy-to-use instructions and many pre-assembled parts. Our instructions include detailed diagrams and correspond to clearly labeled parts and hardware, so you can start playing in no time.



With all of these exclusive design features, the Goaliath GoTek and Silverback NXT truly offer the best performance in portable basketball hoops.


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