STBLZR Technology - How Does it Work?

Pronounced, “Stabilizer,” this STBLZR Technology works to significantly reduce the violent shake of your basketball hoop that can last up to a minute after a dunk or heavy play to maximize your practice time. A Tuned Mass Damper built into the hoop helps absorb the energy from outside forces, bringing the goal to its resting position faster.


What is a Tuned Mass Damper?

A TMD is a device that reduces the amplitude of vibration by absorbing the kinetic energy on the system. STBLZR Technology uses a Tuned Mass Damper to absorb the vibrations a dunk or hard shot would cause, so less energy is exerted on the goal itself.  With less energy on the hoop, it returns to its natural resting position faster.


How Does a Tuned Mass Damper Work?

When an outside force, or in our case a dunk or hard shot, is placed on the goal, it has a natural tendency to shake or sway back and forth. All hoops do this, even the ones used in the NCAA and NBA. While this isn’t a safety hazard, it is an inconvenience, especially if your hoop is still shaking by the time the next shot comes.

The way the TMD works is by transferring the impact received on the hoop, through the board arms, and finally to the freely moving weight mounted in the pole itself. As the hoop is impacted, this weight is allowed to oscillate back and forth, absorbing a large amount of energy.

 14.1 - STBLZR Description

Why are Vibrations a Problem?

For one, they can interfere on the normal play of the game. A shaking goal is such a problem the NCAA even has a specific requirement for regulation play. 

“During game conditions, all movement (vibration, etc.) of the backboard (because of any type of dunk or similar play) must regain a static position within four seconds.” (Section 13, Art 6)

Apart from the inconvenience during play, a shaking hoop tends to cause faster wear on your goal. Vibrations are usually bad in any structure, hence why this technology is heavily used in large buildings to protect them from earthquakes and high winds.

Some manufacturers see the solution to reducing shake is to add heavier poles and mountings. While this may work, this method of reducing vibrations adds significantly more weight and cost to the assembly without a significant performance gain.

The NBA and NCAA utilizes systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars that help to combat this problem, but what about for home use?

Goalrilla has brought a technology once reserved for airplanes and skyscrapers to the basketball goal in your driveway. While the technology from the NCAA and professionals may differ, the result is still the same. Less shaking after every play.

Check out the video below to see a comparison between a Goalrilla goal with the TMD and a competitor without any vibration reduction technology.


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