Caring for your Yard Guard and Hoop Light

Now that you have your hoop installed and the best accessories to go with it, let’s help make those accessories last a lifetime!

With both the Yard Guard and Hoop Light, be sure you follow all the instructions (Yard Guard | Hoop Light) for proper installation. During installation, here’s an additional trick you may want to use to make maintenance and care easier in the future.

For any nuts or bolts used, applying a small amount of anti-seize to the threads before tightening will make them substantially easier to remove in the future. If you live in an area where the climate is often humid or receives a large annual rain fall, this can make a huge difference in future maintenance.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why would I need to remove anything?” Although the installation of your goal is a relatively permanent installation, you may need to transport your hoop to a new residence, which will require disassembly of some parts.

Secondly, during severe weather, some Goalrilla owners may find it more beneficial to bring their hoop light into a covered area to protect it from flying debris, hail, or other extreme weather.

Your Goalrilla goal is the toughest basketball hoop on the planet, so you can rest assured it’ll stand tall in even the harshest conditions.

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