Do I Need an Anchor Kit?

Do I need to buy an anchor kit for my in-ground basketball hoop?

Short answer, no.

If you’re purchasing an entirely new basketball goal system, you do NOT need to purchase an additional anchor kit. Every new Goalrilla system (including Goalrilla sister brands Silverback and Goaliath) will come with an anchor kit included.

However, if you plan on moving and currently have a goal installed, you can relocate the goal to your new home. All you need to do is purchase a new anchor kit to install at your new residence.


Moving Homes?: How to determine which anchor kit is compatible with your goal

With so many different brands of hoops out there, it might seem difficult to find the anchor system that fits your hoop. Rest assured that all Goalrilla hoops will use the same standard 9”x 9” J-Bolt Anchor System found here.

If you own a different brand of basketball goal, such as a Silverback or Goaliath. You will want to purchase this anchor kit here. All Silverbacks and Goaliaths use the same 7”x7” J-Bolt Anchor System.

Anchor kits for a Goalrilla are NOT compatible with a Silverback, nor are Silverback kits compatible with Goalrilla. Each brand has its own specifications that can only be fulfilled with an authentic kit from that brand.



Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you’ve installed the wrong anchor kit for your hoop. The concrete installation process is designed to be permanent for maximum strength and cannot be modified once complete. When you receive your anchor kit, be sure to verify that it is the correct size for your hoop BEFORE you start pouring concrete.


Safety First: Buy An Authentic Goalrilla Anchor Kit

We strongly recommend buying this important foundational system directly from Goalrilla or a Goalrilla authorized dealer, so you know you’re purchasing the correct, authentic kit.  Do NOT purchase or use a kit that is not specific for Goalrilla models. Assembling a goal on an incorrect anchor kit can seriously compromise the integrity of your goal and will void your warranty.


How to Check Anchor Kit Compatibility

To determine the size of your anchor kit, measure from the center of one bolt to the center of an adjacent bolt. For a Goalrilla, you should have a 9” x 9” bolt pattern measurement and 7” x 7” for Silverback and Goaliath models. These measurements should align with the bolts/bolt holes of the anchor kit you have purchased.


Now that you have verified you have the correct anchor kit, you are ready to move your goal. Learn more about transporting a previously assembled goal here.


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